I went into my contacts and selected a person that I wanted a custom phone ringtone for.

I set their Phone ringtone to custom and saved.

Now I use the ringtone "Notifier_UFO" SMS tone for everyone.

I got a text from the contact who now has a custom phone ringtone and noticed that it wasn't my default UFO ringtone....

I entered contacts and went to edit that person's details and it now says their SMS or Message tone is set to the default "BBPro_Sanguine"

My question is, is there a way to set the message tone to "Active_Profile" or is there a way to fix this problem. I have about 15-20 contacts with custom phone ringtones, and when I change my general SMS tone I have to go through each contact and change it accordingly.... this gets really old fast seeing as how I like to change my SMS tone A LOT. Is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance! Sorry if this is a dumb and obvious question I am a new BB user.