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Hey all Any way to change the "beep" tone on the "Key Tone" ... like ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Screen/Keyboard tone ... ringtone(9530)


    Hey all

    Any way to change the "beep" tone on the "Key Tone" ... like to maybe a click instead.

    I normally have my key tone off. but thought i would try it. the beep is anoying, but if it clicked maybe it would be so bad. i think it helps on the storm since sometimes im typing and i miss spell words because i didnt push the screen on the way through.

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    U can't turn it to anything other than the tone. The only opetion u have is to turn it off. I would like also to have more options in keypad tones, but unfortunately, the good old beep or silence is all we have to choose from for now. I have not yet hard of any third party apps that allow u to customize this, if anyone else has, please share...
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