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    a broken promise - the screen itself

    Originally I worked with ATT, in return with the great GSM technology; I would switch phones every day. I was able to pimp the expensive phone at night at the club, but when it was time to get dirty at the beach I could pop the SIM card out and put it in an old Noika. I was with ATT for about 2 years, until I received a better offering with Verizon. I personally have found no difference in service, whether it be customer or cell phone tower coverage. Verizon as we all know is on a network called CDMA , although you can change your phones it a little more difficult because along with the change of your phone comes direct changes to your plan, and its features. What the phone can support etc.

    On the 1 of November I saw a commercial on channel 11. It has a man on his new blackberry storm at a park, on a bench. It’s all in first person and you can hear what he is thinking… It shows him clicking away and being very impressed with his new blackberry storm. One of the most descriptive parts in the commercial is the “clicking sound” some people refer to this as the “click back”. The man is looking at his fingers covering the new blackberry storms full QWERTY keyboard. It looks stylish and makes the viewer want it a lot with the whole first person mentality you feel like you are the person with your new shiny blackberry. When he clicks on the screen there is very pronounced clicking sound the screen makes. This was a huge reason I wanted the phone, I like trying out new technology never before thought of.
    On December 2, I bought the Blackberry storm. When I got the phone I noticed that this sound was nothing more than the man’s thoughts. The phone makes no clicking sound (only a very small mechanical clicking nose and the click on the screen were poorly designed. In fact it was so poorly designed; the first one I got was defective out of the box. A lot of people don’t realize that the way the phone is built is a lot about a phone. And that could not be more true for a technology like the clicking touch screen on the new Blackberry storm. The screen as multiple openings where its competitors do not, these openings allow an enormous amount of dirt and dabry clogging up with the already very extremely very , very, very, delicate new clicking touch screen of the blackberry storm. I now many 2 people who broke the screen within the first week of owning the blackberry storm. The way its deigned, is under the screen there is one button for the whole touch screen. It’s like putting one mechanical button off your remote control for your TV under the whole touch screen. You would think that they would put multiple buttons under the screen so that where ever you pushed on the screen it would be a very even click. But they did not; this left the phone with a very “flimsy” feel to it. The corners of the touch screen were harder to click and when you clicked on them the screen made a much smaller “click back”.
    The second thing I really hated about the phone was also the second biggest letdown of the phone. The amazing 3.2 mega pixel camera it was loaded with. The reason this was the second and not the first is only because it wasn’t shown on the camera, so it wasn’t a huge reason I was buying it. But when I found out it did in fact have the fully loaded 3.2 mega pixel camera. Well I was flat out shocked and amazed and happy all at the same time, being an avid photographer, and knowing 3.2 mega pixel (auto focus) on a cell phone is going to come in handy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. First off the camera takes a great shot, and the flash is out of control bright. You would think that would be good but there was no controlling the brightness, avidly decreasing you battery life. The biggest and more ridiculous was this, for those who don’t have the phone you would click the button half way down to set the AUTO focus, that worked great as well, then when you got the camera in focuses you click the take picture button all the way. Hears ware I was flawed , the time it take in-between the time you fully press down on the “take picture” button and the time the camera actually snaps the shot, is about 3 full seconds. This makes it very hard for people that can’t keep their hands still. Like half the word. LOL.
    I returned the phone yesterday and I am looking into downgrading to the pearl. The pearl was out of control good, yes it has its horror stories but I feel like they did not full think up the clicking screen on their new blackberry storm that well. It really needs a clicking wheel on the side or a trackball in front in order for it to be a true blackberry.
    Bottom line ,I think you might be happy if you were upgrading from an old fission “dumb phone” but for those upgrading from another blackberry , or those whom like the idea of a 3.2 mega pixel camera, or better yet those whom want the iphone, but can’t go to ATT, I’d say wait it out. It’s not a good phone I feel they defiantly thought to themselves, they look, we are doing bad right now, and we’ are really hitting a low, we need to just make something quick to get our iphone competition up and get that percentage of profits, going back in the direction we want. And in some cases that worked, for example if you CAN NOT go ATT and you really wanted to iphone, chances are you are sitting there reading this with your new blackberry storm by your side.
    It was a broken promise because the commercial portrayed the touch screen to be its highest and strongest point, and it turned out to be its number once weakest.

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    You do know the version of the Storm you had 0n Dec. is not the same as it is now right?
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    Sorry you didn't like your Storm. It's sad to see so many loyal bb owners feeling like the storm wasn't built for them.
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    Interesting read, but RIMs stock was doing just fine before the Storm was developed and released. This phone was targeted at a niche market, not the typical blackberry demographic. Sorry about your feelings. You didn't want the Bold on ATT, or you've been with Verizon for a while now? What was your previous phone before the Storm?
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    I learned that the "half press" to focus was not really needed. Just press the button and take the picture.
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    I believe that Verizon pushed and paid for the thing to be built and rim had little to do with its actual creation.

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