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Hello guys, does anyone know how to reconfigure the verizon storm to work on the ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Reconfigure blackberry Storm


    Hello guys,
    does anyone know how to reconfigure the verizon storm to work on the att network. The webbrowsing , mms, emails etc. Thanks.

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    First of all Your Storm must be unlocked, Is it?

    For MMS and emails, etc, login to your wireless blackberry account @ put in your user name and pass, then use the change device feature on that page. put in your new pin, and your IMEI number and save.

    Then on the same page select resend service books. You can also add and edit email accounts.

    If you dont have the BB ATT data plan, you will have to sign up for one to get MMS and emails to work.

    However if you dont have that then you can get a web browser called Opera, and then configure your TCP Settings as follows.. oh crikey does opera work on the storm?

    CINGULAR1 pass
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    ask me
    The unlocking is step one if it isn't. You can call the carrier and try to convince them to unlock it for you if you are still a customer with them... If not, you'll either need to purchase an unlock code from one of the many sites that offer the service, or you can resort to using the mfi multiloader...
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