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I have an unlocked blackberry storm and i recently just downloaded the new version of ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Please help with twitterberry on my Storm


    I have an unlocked blackberry storm and i recently just downloaded the new version of twitterberry 0.9, I keep getting a message "this site is not trusted" it gives me the option to close, view, or trust.When i close it shuts down twitter. I tried hitting the trust button and it prompts me to enter " keystore password" i have googled and have yet found a suitable solution someone please help me out. I will not be able to go to bed if i don' figure this out.

    Second question, can i wipe out my device without going back to verizon's setting since my phone is unlocked with T-mobile?
    Thank you and i hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

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    not sure what is causing your "twitterberry" issue.

    but may I recommend that you check out ? This client has been the best that I have used for my storm. It actually allows picture uploads without crashing your device. Also there are a lot of customizable options. Navigate with your BB browser to the site and click on the download at the top right of the page. OTA! set up and be happy to tweet from your berry.

    Hit me up on Twitter once your up and running @"myusername",

    i willl let some one with a little more knowlege on the unlocked devices chime in on the wipe. and restore.

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    The keystore is where digital certificates live on the Blackberry.* The Blackberry uses digital certificates to connect with web sites and to encrypt/decrypt secure emails.* The device protects these certificates by putting a password on the keystore so your private certificates are safe in case your device is compromised.**Set the keystore password when you sync your device

    If the device needs one of the certificates it will ask you to enter the password.* I would suggest that you use a password that is easy to type without switching between the keyboards, and maybe without*using multi tap there are also settings on your device that allow you to set how long the device remembers the password after you type it.*
    Simply go to options>security options>keystores and set the password.
    ~via smartphone

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