I noticed the "Data Transfer" Service in Bluetooth config, so thought I might give this a try... and it worked. Transferred MP3s, PDFs, and a few other filestypes to/from Storm (media card) and my computer. Haven't had a chance to confirm Storm <--> Storm yet but I think it's safe to say that it should work considering VZW included the requisite service this time around.

FYI, all file transfers have to be done via the Media manager on the Storm... doesn't matter whether you select Music, Videos, etc. Just look for Send/Receive Using Bluetooth on the menu and you should be all set to transfer (assuming you've already paired the devices).

Looks like we have a lot of functionality to look forward to... here's the listed Services:

- Headset
- Handsfree
- Serial Port Profile
- Desktop Connectivity
- Wireless Bypass
- Data Transfer
- Dial-Up Networking
- Audio Source
- A/V Remote Control Target (??)