The 8350i does not count as a new Blackberry for Sprint. It's a Curve with push to talk on the iDEN network. This excusivity game is really getting old. If the phone is being sold on one network technology, then sell it on all of the providers. It's not bad enough that the providers are already jerking us around with higher plan prices and less functionality (unless you want to pay $99 a month per each line). The only CDMA provider that will activate a phone not from their network at this time is Alltel (while they're still Alltel). I am pretty sure they do not keep an ESN database. Sprint and VZW both have such a database and will not activate your phone if it's not in their system. When I first received my Curve, the customer service rep would not activate my phone (even though Sprint mailed it to me and she was looking at the order). I was given some crap that their ESN's begin with 319. After a few times of trying to explain to her how hex numbers work (being that 31a would be right after 319...) I was transfered to a BB tech who helped.