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    no sound from ear speaker


    It seems like a weird problem...I can't get any sound from the ear speaker during calls...people can hear me speaking, but I can't hear them; going to speakerphone during a call works fine though. If you plug in the headphones, I can hear through them fine and make calls, listen to music, etc. I tried doing a couple of restores to previous dates, hard reboots, but no dice. I've had the phone since January, so I don't know what my service provider (Bell) will do for me....any thoughts?


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    Your phone should be under warranty for the 1st year - take it back to your carrier and let them see your problem. I'm sure they'll replace it for you.
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    I had this problem with an AT&T Pearl. It was said it is common, somehow plugging in the headphones gets the switch between headphones and earpiece stuck. Plugging in and unplugging it might help free it. I was also told it might be a bad solder joint on the earpiece speaker... They exchanged it, but it was under 30 days. Over that I'd imagine it would have to go to the manufacturer unless your carrier has the insurance.

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