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Hello all: My name is DJ and I managed the West Coast for Motorola for ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Question New to BlackBerry Any Help I am Greatful for


    Hello all:

    My name is DJ and I managed the West Coast for Motorola for 8 years for the Verizon Account. I am super familiar with phones how they work, all I did was train the sales reps and call centers for years plus the advertising.
    However, taking a buyout from Motorola I am disgusted with the phone quality, so I purchased a BlackBerry Storm.
    I am very new to this format, applications, tricks and cool things to get.
    Any advice, sights I can read up on, places I can get safe downloads, how to make my phone work better and anything else you can think of would be a great help. I feel like I went from knowing it all to knowing nothing.
    Thank you in advice for any advice.

    Oh one quick thing. While on a phone call I keep clicking my screen and muting it, a person from Verizon sent me a link for a manual lock that you use to on your screen as a slide lock. However the email never came through. If anyone knows the program or site I am speaking of Please advise.

    Thank you again,

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    As for apps, try either jerryd's version tracker or
    ~via smartphone

    Version tracker:

    And welcome to the stacks!
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    Welcome to PinStack, DJ! You've come to the right place! You can get all the advice you need for your new "toy" right here on PinStack!

    Take a moment to read the Forum Rules and Guidelines (link in my signature), then work your way around the site where you'll find threads dedicated to each device (including your Storm), threads for themes, applications and even some social networking!

    Glad to have you on board! We're here to help, so don't hesitate to ask ANY question you might have.


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    Welcome DJ, I moved your thread to the Storm forum, there are many helpful PinStackers here and many helpful threads here in the Storm forum. Have fun looking around and I'm sure the Storm users will jump in shortly with advice for you
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    Hey DJ, glad you could join!!! To start, as far as the tips/tricks, check out this post
    theres alot of great hints and tricks for the phone and improving usage of the phone! As far as being on the phone and hitting mute, you have a few options
    1. and most obvious is try not to put your face against the phone so much, after a while you get used to it!
    2. StormLock best app to do this, but costs $2.95
    3. TalkLock sometimes you can disable this on accident, but its free - also beware it has been suggested it has a memory leak.
    A great place to download apps for the storm is here - J has worked very hard to keep this list up to date and all the apps are on his first post!
    Lastly, welcome to the Storm Forums - go here for any questions/updates for the storm - oh and you should check out the latest and greatest OS here - with the thoughts on the Leaked OS's and heres a link to walk you through updating your device!

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