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hello I have a 8900 with Rogers, and I gave my old 8100 to my ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    need advice from a storm user re: using an unlocked 9530



    I have a 8900 with Rogers, and I gave my old 8100 to my GF. She has now fallen in love with BB, but wants a new device.

    So in a local advert I found a nearly new Verison 9530 that has been Unlocked. I believe the person still has the verison OS running on the device.

    I did some research, and the unlocked 9530 will work on my Rogers network. But once I take possession of the 9530 is there a version of OS that I should load on it? also, is there anything I should know about the device before I buy it?.



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    Pauly, I've had the Storm 9530 for a few months and recently switched to the Hero. I have friends that have had the Storm as well. There is nothing wrong with the device. It will take a little getting used to from the 8100 or 8900 tho. The only thing I would warn you about it the screen. They have a tendency to go out. That's the only thing about buying a used Storm. I've been lucky that mine hasn't went out yet.

    When/If you do get the Storm, update it to the newest Rogers OS to start. Then when you get it working on your network you can upgrade to the newest 9530 OS which will be a 5.?.??? I'm not sure what it is exactly. Others on the forum can direct you to it.

    Be warned that if the screen does go out, you can try to mess with the ribbon cable for the screen. It may work for a little while but there is always the possibility of it going out completely. The screen is around $100 just to put a price out there for you.
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    Hey I am currently using the Storm as one of my primary devices, and it is also unlocked. I am using it on Fido. It certainly does take getting used to. Remember that you will not be able to access 3G once it is unlocked.

    I am currently using OS (which I think is the latest). It has been great so far. Just know that you won't be able to type as fast on the device. I personally like the browsing more on the Storm than my Bold due to more screen real estate.

    Umm other than that, I can't think of anything to tell you. If you have specific questions or concerns, I can address those directly. But like getugatensho said, there is nothing wrong with the device. It works the same as any BlackBerry when it comes to functionality.

    Hope this helps... Cheers!

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    thanks for the input guys.

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