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im a state employee so i get 15% off my monthly bill with verizon, then ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    my verizon/blackberry plan rundown. good deal?


    im a state employee so i get 15% off my monthly bill with verizon, then i get %20 off the blackberry bes or bis service. now im new to blackberry and smartphones in general so im not sure if i got a good deal?

    nationwide 700 min with 2 phone lines - $69.99/$59.49 with my discount
    blackberry bes data package - $44.99/$35.99 with my discount
    500 text unlimited in text package - $10.00/$8.50 with my discount
    compleate coverage insurence (covers water damage) $5.99

    for a total of $111.47 for 2 phone lines. this sounds like a good deal but like i said ive never had a blackberry im used to paying around $55 a month.

    also as i understand you only need bes if your company has a bes server? wich mine does not. so should i drop down to the $29.99 bis plan $23.99 with my discount?

    thanks for taking the time to help out a newbie, im looking foward to the blackberry world!


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    Right you don't need a BES plan unless your company has a BES server.

    If they don't have one, you certainly want to make that change to the BIS plan.

    Less $ is always a good thing. Especially around the holiday season.



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    I pay about 178 a month

    -- Unlimited minutes
    -- Visual Voice Mail
    -- Unlimited data
    -- International
    -- Tethering

    Compare Sprint's plan at 199.00 on a Curve or 8830

    -- 1500 minutes
    -- No Visual Voice Mail
    -- Unlimited data
    -- Upcharged International
    -- Tethering

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    I have 1500 day minutes
    Unlimited everything else text message pic, data, gps, email, tv, music, literally everything sprint offers. 3 phones all for 190 I have 129.99 plan simply everything and then add a 3rd line for 19.99 more. And ecery phone has full insurance 7 each. And in house repair.via BB (

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    Another way to reduce cell bills...

    Hi, that sounds like a fair plan to me (two lines for around $110) but then again I'm comparing this to my three-line Verizon plan that managed to inflate to over $300 last month. The Verizon bill shocked me, especially since the plan was supposed to have been a no-frills exercise in moderation! I was able, however, to reduce the bill using a company called Validas. Although your bill sounds much more reasonable than mine, you still may save more by using Validas also. Find this out for free by checking out the Validas website at fixmycellbill dot com.

    Validas analyzes your online cell bill and calculates how much money you could be saving on your plan. In my case, Validas saved me over 19 bucks every month on my Verizon plan–or over 230 dollars per year. For me, that almost works out to getting a free month of my plan annually! Apparently the average Validas user saves over 21 percent on their cell bill. If you choose, for a nominal fee of $5, Validas will provide your highly detailed and personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill (the average customer saves $340 annually through Validas), this obviously provides a cost effective remedy for reducing cellular expenses.

    On a personal level, I was so impressed with the company’s operations and the cell savings Validas got for me that I jumped at the chance to work for Validas when the opportunity presented itself. It's a great company that is rapidly becoming considered a top advocate for the wireless customer. Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should check out this service. Again, it’s free to consult and you only stand to save.

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