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I'm really new at using my Blackberry storm, so please forgive me if this is ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Lost my sms button for texts


    I'm really new at using my Blackberry storm, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. I installed a new theme tonight, but I lost my button for my text messagees. I can still send a text by using the plain messages button, but I feel lost without my SMS button. Can someone please tell me how to find it? Thanks very much.

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    It's probably the way the theme is set up. There are a few options for emails, mms, and sms: All in one folder, mms & sms in one folder and email in a separate folder, each in their own folder.......that would be my guess.
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    Correct. If u want to get the sms/mms button back to to messages>options>general options>and separate sms and email. Should work with any theme
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    ask me
    Cachase, is the button on the homescreen and when you select it it does nothing?
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