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Originally Posted by armenvzw Well, I have the 8330 with Verizon and i really wanted ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by armenvzw View Post
    Well, I have the 8330 with Verizon and i really wanted the BOLD. So i went get one on my buddies family plan knowing that i have 30 days return. Ive had it since last week and the only thing i don't like is that the network always changes from 3G to EDGE with slows the data down ALOT especially when im using it to tether which is every weekend. I loaded the same web pages on my Verizon Curve and the BOLD on ATT at the same time and my curve is alot faster. I don't really want to keep the BOLD if the network will suck. We are supposed to have full 3G in my area so I'm thinking about staying with VERIZON and taking the BOLD back. Im considering going get a storm but there are so many mixed reviews im not sure. Just wondering what everyone thinks about theirs, I may go play with one at the store and see again.
    love mine except for the occasional random restart which sucks but will get fixed soon enough! other than that the phone has been great for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slider8300 View Post
    Had a curve for 16 months then purchased a Bold from AT&T and had to return it due to our company making me go back to verizon. So I purchased the Storm and you know something. I am loving it more and more each day. I am running and this phone has no problems. My son purchased on last month and loves it also with very little problems he is running .85. I loved the Bold it is the best blackberry to date but I was having failed calls all the time. I mean all the time, for our business that is not good. I have learn very quickly how to type with the touch/click device and found it very fast. THere are a few programs which will make your switch much more pleasent. One is quicklaunch the other facecall.
    Yea I wish the bold was as fast as my data on my verizon curve because I really love the curve but not att network so I don't think its worth to spend 400 on the phone and 175 to cancel verizon. I loaded the same pages at the same time on both phones and my verizon curve is way faster and never switches to 2g. Same with the tether.

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    It is a great phone in many respects with a few extremely annoying failings. It is really irritating that you can't turn the auto rotate off, often when you simply move it will rotate and you have to wait for it to come back. That alone is almost enough to make me chuck it and go to another model. I am forever waiting for the damn thing to sort its orientation out before I can continue.

    The other, is that I am finding some web sites that load so slowly that I can make and drink a coffee while a site that would load on a laptop or even a previous model BlackBerry in seconds - takes minutes. Usually a Microsoft Server controlled site, always for webmail.

    I really doubt that I will keep this phone, it is continually infuriating me. All previous BlackBerries I have loved.

    Regardless of how many people make "it takes a bit of getting used to but touch screen 'click' typing is great" noises, it isn't and it never will be. It can never match a keyboard, it can't even come close. My typing rate has dropped to about half while my typing frustration rate has trebled. It might appeal to the iPhone oriented, but it ISN'T a serious business tool it is a pretend iPhone. I am a journalist, not a teenage gadget aficionado and I can't afford the time and messing about that is involved with this phone. I can sent text faster on a Pearl than the Storm, and the Pearl does not have the orientation problems. Unfortunately the Pearl also does not have 3G and a larger screen - the only reason I went for the Storm.

    My biggest beef is that that this is a personal phone, not company supplied (I like autonomy with my equipment) and I will have to buy a new one, wasting close to au$1000 as I cannot return it after seven days have elapsed. When a person upgrades a BlackBerry it is not unreasonable to expect an improved version. With BlackBerry, that should mean better productivity, not one that is more competitive with a 'trendy' phone. RIM seems to be trying to appeal to too many markets - they might lose their primary market if they don't take care.
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    I bought my first one when they were released which was a mistake as it had hardware & software issues. After returning it the second one was worse. Then I tried again two days ago and this one is decent.

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    That's great archer, glad you gave it another shot...

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