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i wasn't sure where to post this but i was wondering if anyone would be ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    just wondering


    i wasn't sure where to post this but i was wondering if anyone would be able to take time out of their day to help me out making a scroll bar for the blackberry storm.

    it would be greatly appreciated if you could

    thanks in advance!

    i want to know how to make this basically

    the scrolling in the middle of the screen of the icons!

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    If you're looking for an app that will do it, BerryScroll from will give you that functionality. As for help with the theme, try over in the themes help forum here. Lots of pros there who could help you with theme design. Welcome to Pinstack by the way.
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    ask me
    I can't see the video right now, but if you've donwloaded plazmic theme builder there is a sample svg named JScroll.svg that is a scrolling bar
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