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    i got new storm but it lags how can i change thAT?


    I GOT ME A NEW STORM I WAS USING A BB CURVE 8330 ,I LOVE THE STORM BUT MY CURVE DIDNT LAGG AT ALL I GOT VERSION 4.7 AND WHEN i click like a picture to look at in my pictures it hour glasess for like 3 to 4 minutes before it shows or when im on bb messenger when i type it laggs how can i make it run faster? any tips be apreciated highly,,im already wanting to go back to my curve plz help oops sorry for the capps didnt know it was on it till i was done
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    Did you delete anything that's on it that you won't use? Upgrade the OS? Move the pics to a memory card?
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    Delete VZ nav if you do not use it, Also delete visual voice mail that would spped it up a bit..

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    Beta OS is running really fast!
    If you use UberTwitter, it will slow down the ENTIRE phone, even the BB browser!
    Check everything that's running in the background!
    It's normal to always have BB Messenger/Browser/Phone/Home Screen and messages always running in the background.
    The MINIMUM OS that I would use is
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