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i have downloaded the crackutil and i keep getting the wrong password or device not ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Question having trouble


    i have downloaded the crackutil and i keep getting the wrong password or device not connected please click ok to restart. i do not know what im doing wrong i have done everything that every thread has said to do so im stuck someone plz help im running vista if you know you can help plz respond asap thank you

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    Hi, if you are trying to get ur browser working after an upgrade I copied out of that thread, hope this helps-
    First you will need to download a couple things.

    They are the CrackUtil Program, and the AT&T service books. I will attach the service books to this post, but CrackUtil you're on your own for because for whatever reason I'm unable to get it to upload on my connection currently. I apologize.

    Download and unzip the servicebooks zip file you download from here. Best bet is desktop just so it's easy to find.

    Install CrackUtil if not already done.

    Vista users ONLY: Right click on the shortcut on your desktop. Select Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab. Click in the check box next to Run as Administrator

    Okay, connect your Bold to the computer, start CrackUtil.

    Click on the tab that says "File Manipulation - INTERMEDIATE"

    Click "Retrieve File Listing"

    Scroll down and find the file called "net_rim_bb_browser_daemon" and click on it

    Click "Remove File from Device" and it will store the file in a folder for you.

    You will get and "Out of Grid" error message on CrackUtil, this is normal so no worries.

    The device at this point is rebooting so close CrackUtil, leave the phone connected, and allow the phone to finish booting up. You could also see a couple of errors once the phone does finish loading up, again, NOTHING to worry

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