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Try freeing up some apps you dont really use or need, then reboot.... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Try freeing up some apps you dont really use or need, then reboot.

    iLord is DEAD!

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    Its the storms problem not gmail as far as I know google is prolly the least buggy app maker and don't worry new os's will come out and you will fall in love all over I'm considiring going to storm

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    I have been using the gmail app since I got the Storm and have no issues. It works just as good as it did on my Curve. It sounds like a configuration issue. Since you have only had the Gmail account for a month, have you recently added the email account to a PC to checked the email from that?
    Is the Gmail account set up for IMAP email and have the POP setting turned off? If not, then when a PC checks the email it will pull down all email from the Gmail server and remove them from the BB since the Gmail app runs on IMAP. The PC must be set up as an IMAP also or else when they are removed from the Gmail folder, then are gone from the BB too.

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