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Simple. Rev A = 3G.... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Simple. Rev A = 3G.

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    ask me
    aah... Learn somethin new everyday...
    ~via smartphone

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    Hitdog, well the thing is, I switched to Verizon just to get my hands in the newest style of Blackberry. I wanted to give a touchscreen/sure press a shot. I am impressed what the Storm can do seriously, but definitely not impressed on how it was built. Also, i had some other things as well that I wont mention .

    However, the Blackberry Storm is a great investment and not to forget VZW. I am actually not dropping calls especially my house, which im very pleased.

    Other than other little imperfections, I am still going to stick with it and hopefully just say "fuc* it" next time something happens with my Storm. Sometimes I blame it on being OCD.

    Thanks for the great response guys. I sure am glad to be a part of Pinstack family.

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