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I recently upgraded my OS software to the and when I go and try ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Enterprise email not working after OS upgrade


    I recently upgraded my OS software to the and when I go and try to reactivate my enterprise email it says an error occurred and to contact my system admin.

    Is there anyway to fix this without contacting my IT people?

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    I don't believe there is, but it is as simple for your BES admin as right clicking on your user and setting an activation password then providing that password to you.

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    i had the same issue - I had to (1) wipe the memory on the device and then (2) do an Enterprise Activation.

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    The first time I did a device wipe and OS reload at my house I panicked because of this same problem. I found out that if I plugged in my BB to my work machine with Desktop Manager running that would initiate the Enterprise Activation. However, i wasn't at work! So, after much anxiety I discovered that if I used my Citrix VPN and opened Desktop Manager from my laptop (which I have work email setup on) it actually initiated the Enterprise Activation as well.

    Not sure if yours will react the same or if you have these options, but....

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    Hi - I too have this problem - I've wiped and tried to activate again but nothing - I'm on vodafone and BES was working fine until Thursday when I upgraded to .78

    I too have access to work through citrix but I couldn't get desktop manager to see the server for activation so I need to use the enterprise activation form options.

    Any ideas?


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    Options-> advanced options -> host routing tables -> hit bb -> register now

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    You need a VPN connection open to your office so that the Desktop Manager can connect to your Exchange/BES servers. If you can open Outlook from your PC and get your email you're fine, if not then you'll want to wait until you're in the office, Citrix may or may not work for this depending on how you're office is configured (Desktop Manager needs a tunnel to connect to Exchange/BES, not Outlook) . If you have a VPN client like the Cisco, Juniper, Sonicwall, etc that's what you'll want to open. Citrix does provide SSL VPN through some of their products, but if you're opening Outlook from Citrix it may not be what you need.

    Worst case go into the office, open Desktop Manager, plug in and see if you can re-activate from there - you should be able to.
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