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I was wondering why my emails kept ringing when I would get one even though ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Emails won't stay silent when set to Loud??


    I was wondering why my emails kept ringing when I would get one even though I had it set to silent. I kept trying to change the settings but nothing would work. I had the sounds settings to "Loud" and even though emails were set to silent, they would still ring. I changed settings back to "Normal" and have emails set to silent and now they are actually silent. Anyone know why this is?

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    If you press the letter f which is the shortcut key for profiles.....scroll to quiet and your BB should stay quiet with the possible exception of your alarm.
    If you want to adjust the ringing of your BB.....again press f then go to the profile you are concerned with and make sure it is active then scroll down and depress depress the BB key then edit.....then select the email you are having issues check the settings of in/out of holster, etc. you should be good after this...also, you may want to include your device in your profile.
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    well just to make sure check on the advanced settings for the settings for Loud ,Vibrate , and quite even if you put it on silent u can make your emails ring or vibrate by just changing the settings
    1. blackberry key on profiles 3.scroll all the way down to advanced click on it will see the profiles and ( ACTIVE ) next to them . IF its not active and u want to change it well all it does it sets it first and you do steps 2 and keep going .
    hope everything goes well . when changing settings its always good to turn ur phone off and on ..

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