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I tried downloading a Yahoo! app on my Storm 2 earlier and once the app ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Device Error 367 on Storm 2


    I tried downloading a Yahoo! app on my Storm 2 earlier and once the app downloaded, it asked me to reboot now or reboot later. I chose the reboot now option like I always do and instead of restarting the phone, it popped up the message "Device Error 367". There is a place for me to click reset but the problem is, when the device isn't at least in the process of being powered on (in this error state it isn't), you cannot click the screen. I have Google searched this issue, tried wiping the device via the BB PST, etc. and nothing will bring it out of this state. Does anyone happen to know what to do in this situation? Like I said, no results even pop up when I Google search it. It's almost like I'm the only one who has ever had this error message. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I've never gotten that error before. Nor, have I heard of anyone getting that. I would take BBSAK and wipe the phone that way, then reinstalled OS.

    What service book are you using for Yahoo! app?
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    Can you backup the device with the desktop manager? If so back it up. Then you can either wipe the device with BBSAk or JL commander. Then reload the OS but pulling the battery out and connecting it to the DM.

    Link for reloading the OS: Here
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