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When I sync my calendar I sometimes get the message on the Confirmation of Calendar ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Question Deletion message when sync-ing


    When I sync my calendar I sometimes get the message on the Confirmation of Calendar Edits screen which reads, "The following changes from Calendar Device will be applied to your Microsoft Outlook data in Calendar" with a list of x deletions, y changes and z additions. This sounds to me like it will remove data from my PC. Am I reading this correctly?? When I read it I am never certain if this means that the items will be removed from the Storm's calendar (perhaps to save device memory?). I have no problem with this [although I must add that using my old Palm M515 with Datebook 5 allowed me to keep the entire history on the device].
    But I also get the nagging feeling that it will also delete items from the Outlook calendar on my PC which would not be good. So, I just re-sync and go on.
    Does that deletion-of-events message mean that items will be removed the Outlook calendar on my PC, or just on the device.
    I'd appreciate any response that would be helpful. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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    You need to make sure what your settings are for your device as to who wins. Your device or your Outlook. If you set it so that your PC wins then all info will stay on your pc, or visa versa. In my case I like my device to win cause that's what I'm packing as my brain. Every once in a while I will change the setting so that the newer info is added to outlook so I have a back up. I also back my device so not to lose the info on my bb. Hope this helps

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