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Hello Blackberry Gods, I am having trouble getting internet to work on my new UNLOCKED ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Data not working, unlocked 9530


    Hello Blackberry Gods,

    I am having trouble getting internet to work on my new UNLOCKED 9530. I just recently upgraded from a Curve 8300. I popped in my SIM to the 9530, set it up and everything seems fine, i connect to network, I get "edge". I did a work-around to get blackberry browser on, problem comes when trying to use anything internet based. It seems to work on and off. For example, I will open BB browser and try to load, it will sit on REQUESTING for about a minute or two and then it will begin to transmit data (data arrows on top corner), it will do this for about 5 seconds and then stop for another minute or two, so pages like google will take up to ten minutes to load. This happens with any program (Nimbuzz, Opera Mini, Shangmail, etc). I did not have this problem with the Curve, I can just pop it in, and internet works like a charm. I even matched the settings from the Curve to the Storm and no luck. Is there anything you think I'm missing, some special setting that applies to storm and not curve?

    Here is some phone info:
    Blackberry Storm 9530 (unlocked)
    OS: v4.7.0.148 (Platform
    I tried upgrading to 5.0 but the apploader does not detect the new OS, just shows me 3rd party apps. I followed step by step instructions on another thread here.

    P.S. I am in Costa Rica, I dont have BIS or BES (too expensive here), I just have regular unlimited internet with the phone company here.

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    i have the exact same problem on my unlocked verizon 9550. i'm using it on the rogers network and i noticed that when i try to use the internet the "EDGE" drops to "edge" and the connection always seems very unstable unless i'm connected via wi-fi....which of course is no good to me if i want to use my phone on the go without having to rely on wi-fi.

    if anybody has any ideas or suggestions that they can throw out that they know of please and thanks =D
    ..miz melly jelly™..
    Carrier: Rogers
    Device: rooted HTC Inspire 4G
    ROM: Virtuous Unity v1.27.0 with Sense 3


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