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Evening folks. I'm sure there are plenty of threads out there that can answer my ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Custom Wallpapers on Storm


    Evening folks. I'm sure there are plenty of threads out there that can answer my question, but I cant seem to find them. So, any links would be helpful. I'm a new BB owner, Storm, and I'm trying to find some awesome Darth Vader wallpapers for the phone. I've given finding already premade images so I suppose customizing an image myself is the way to go. Would I have to do that through Photoshop? Or is there another avenue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciate.

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    If you already found the images you want, all you have to do is resize them to fit your storm's screen. I use "pix resizer" I don't have the exact link for it but if you input that on google you should be able to download it. (Fyi mods I'm not telling the memeber to search for it, I'm merely stating that I don't have the exact link) it's a free app and it works really well. Be sure to resize the wallpaper to 360x480. You can also use "gimp" also another free image manipulating program which enables you to do some of the same things photoshop does but for free . Hope this helps...
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    I use a program called Irfanview. I consider it the perfect program, and it's free. It will do resizing, cropping, basic color corrections, etc. on just about any image you can imagine. He recently added a basic paint feature to it as well as the plugin package for certain filetypes and emailing pics. You can google it or go to to pick it up. As for the pictures themselves, google image search is about the best I've found...

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