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I know you get alot of this, I googled it and I came to this ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Contacts still pending..


    I know you get alot of this, I googled it and I came to this page ... however I'm all new to a BB and the first one I get is the Storm. So basically it's 2 weeks old, my dad gave it to me when I was in H.K. so I thought I'd be smart and add my friends' PINs and thought once I get on a plan it would automatically send a request. So I came back to London, got on a plan, no one was added so I deleted all of them and added them again. Thing is it worked for all but 2, where the same thing kept happening they would accept my request, and they would appear in my pending contacts. We have tried deleting each other and adding each other on both handsets and it doesn't seem to work. Another one is one of my friends added me, and I accidentally declined it (still getting used to the touch screen!!), but I have tried to add him since and it has just been bouncing back and forward with each others requests and forever under pending. I've tried deleting them and typing in their PIN in the contacts list, but I can't seem to find a function which would let me request them on messenger. Sending them a PIN message works though, but it's quite annoying... I was wondering does anyone know what I should do in this case?

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    It's possible that the other people haven't received your request. Is there another way for you to contact them and that way you can give them your pin so they can add you instead? ~via BB (

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