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Hi Guys, Might be a silly question to ask here... Any idea how to access ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Cnfg ?


    Hi Guys,

    Might be a silly question to ask here...

    Any idea how to access the hidden configuration CNFG ?

    previous models to access its by hitting ALT+CNFG on the Enterprise activation screen
    to proceed.

    not sure how to do it with touch screen keyboard, it wont let me use and Hold the ALT key.

    any better idea ?

    I am new to BB device and BES...

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    I found a thread from July of 2005 which explained "When you are in EA, hold down the altkey and type cnfg. You will get a nice little info screen pop up where you should scroll down to Wireless Sync and disable, then re-enable it."

    I would assume that's in either a very late version 3.x or very early version 4.0 OS. Those functions are now available within Options the PIM apps themselves.

    For example, go into Tasks, Click the Menu button or Scroll Wheel and select Options, and Wireless Synchronization should appear at the bottom. Note that with OS 4.5 and later, there are Wireless Sync stubs for ALL Email services, so you have to go into the configuration for the specific service to get that option (and it doesn't work for most services).

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