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Well I'm running 4.7.085 and after plugging my phone into my car stero to use ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Can't make phone calls...


    Well I'm running 4.7.085 and after plugging my phone into my car stero to use it as a mp3 player I can't make any phone calls. When I first went to make a phone call it showed as if it was still plugged in. When I went to select handset it wouldn't let me. I heard no ringtone but it did ring on the otherside. I pulled the battery, now it doesn't show anything plugged in, but when I make a phone call it shows on the screen that it is going threw, but it never rings on the otherside, and it won't let me toggle between speaker and handset.

    Anyone run in to this problem... I am thinking of going back an os but then I gotta spend the time to download it, and uninstall .85 which pisses me off to much to do... lol

    Anyone run in to this problem before? any solutions? data still works no problem, and I have tried checking the settings, and everything looks fine.


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    just ask
    Have you tried using the headset and seeing if that works? I've had similar issues before on other BB devices and what I have done in the past was plug and unplug the headset jack multiple times and was finally able to get the phone to think it was not on the headset any longer.

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