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Here's a weird thing that's happened twice recently...I often go into a local chain of ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Can store security scanners lock Storm?


    Here's a weird thing that's happened twice recently...I often go into a local chain of stores that have those electronic security scanners that beep if you try to leave with something that wasn't scanned at the checkout. The other day I went into one of the stores through the security scanner and took out my Storm to check the time, I went to unlock the phone by pressing one of the 4 lower keys (I'm on .141) and it wouldn't unlock, I had to do a battery pull to get it back up and unlocked it ok...but then the BB key wouldn't work on the home screen so I did another pull and it was working again. OK so far, and I didn't think anymore about it until today when the exact same thing happened again in another location of the SAME store This has never happened at any other store by the way, coincidence?
    Is it at all possible that the electromagnetic field the security scanners put out can mess with the phone and cause it to lock
    What do the PinStack gurus think?

    I forgot to mention that as I was leaving the store today the security alarm went off! All I had with me was the 2 litres of milk I'd bought, my Rollerblades in a shoulder bag and the Berry in my hand, the security guard checked the grocery bag and the shoulder bag again through the scanner and NOTHING happened...the Berry did it

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    Wow that is weird, I have walked through those scanners at stores before and that has never happened. Maybe it is the type of scanner causing the issue it could put of a different kind of field or something. Just a guess on my part, sorry i could not assist further.

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    I have noticed that my bb bold and my daughters bbcurve will set off the alarm if we are receiving messages when going through the scanners.
    Otherwise is doesn't trigger anyhting. Weird!
    ~via smartphone

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