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I've only had my Storm for a few days. I switched from the Curve (have ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    I've only had my Storm for a few days. I switched from the Curve (have used the Pearl, Curve, Pearl Flip, and now the Storm - best so far!) I was instantly disappointed by how long it took to snap a picture! I have two little boys, 3 and 1 on the 28th, so taking pictures of them at those speeds was impossible! I've also noticed lots of complaint posts about this.

    I did upgrade to .103, so I don't know if that matters, but I've figured out that it works similar to my old Kodak. If you hold the capture button part of the way down, or touch, not press, the on screen capture button, and let the camera do its auto focus, as soon as you put the button, it's instant! Now, it would be better if it was push and instant, but this will work for now!
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    I just barely figured out how to zoom, picture taking is the next step!

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    the auto focus will always take a few seconds to work.
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    on .103, when outdoors the autofocus on my friends phone which he left here for me to upgrade is incredibly fast.

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    When I have enough light, mine is very quick as well.

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    upgrading to the .103 OS dramatically made my camera faster...on the .75 it took a good week to start the camera and take the pic. Sadly, most of the time I missed the shot. But now, it's super fast
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    i agree with the others i upgraded to .103 the other night and everything especially the camera is much faster..

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