hello my fellow pinstackers!
I've been a little out of touch lately with you all, I had finals and my storm was having sever issues with the bbm! I've gone through all the loops possible to elemnate the issues. Everytime I would use the bbm it would slow my storm down and then when I would exit out I would get those dreaded squiggly lines and the phone would cease to work. So my life was consisting of nothing but constant battery pulls. Took it to the verizon store! no luck no help. So after downloading and uninstalling it tons of times my last try seems to be successful. so far its working and the squiggly lines have no popped up...yet! I tried to restore my contact list but it seems a little smaller than what it was. So if any of my old contacts are reading this please come find me again! Hopefully my bbm problems have ended or I'll just have to live with a life of battery pulls, cause I really miss my contacts and their converstations! specially a couple in particular!