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I just got the storm and I'm trying to set up my BB email but ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Question Blackberry Email BIS


    I just got the storm and I'm trying to set up my BB email but it says I already have a pin associated with an address. I don't remember my information for my email. How do i retrieve this info? Where do I find it or help for it? It will not let me create a new login and password.
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    U may need to call ur service provider cuz its sounding like u jst upgraded but ur bis is stuck on ur old PIN from ur previous blackberry
    When u contact ur service provider say I need to update my bis with my new pin
    And ask the service provider for your old information or to create a
    New email and password with them so they can clear the old info out
    Hope this helps
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    Not sure what you're looking for. You're Verizon, right? See if this info from your carrier will help.
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    Go to setup>email settings and hit bb key then scroll down to setup account for some reason vz already has it associated on the phone and you can't do it online first. Hth
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    You need to get VZW to clear the PIN association on the BIS server.
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