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Hello, I downloaded the latest Storm patch a couple of weeks ago and I was ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    BlackBerry 9530.msi missing?



    I downloaded the latest Storm patch a couple of weeks ago and I was able to patch two Storms no problem, but then yesterday when I opened my Desktop Manager I got a Windows Installer pop-up saying that:

    The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

    Click OK to try again, or enter an alternative path to a folder containing the installation package "BlackBerry 9530.msi" in the box below:


    What I have done so far with no luck is:
    1. I did a Wndows Explorer search an there is no such msi file on my system.
    2. I removed BB desktop manager, re-installed and the problem persists.
    3. Also in my add/remove programs I attempted to remove the program "BlackBerry device sorftware v4.7.0 for the BlackBerry 8530 smartphone" and when I attempt to remove it, it also asks me for the missing msi file and then aborts.
    4. I tried to re-install this program that I originally downloaded from the site, the name of the file is: "9530AMEA_PBr4.7.0_rel172_PL4.0.0.153_A4.7.0.122_T elus_Mobility.exe" and when I try it also asks me that the msi file is missing!

    So other than going to the Registry and remove it manually and is something that I don't necesarily know how to do, has someone have this problem already and found an easier way to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    ask me
    Your best bet is deleting the registries
    ~via smartphone

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