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I don't want to blame "YouMail", but ever since I downloaded it, to try, a ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Anyone else having issues with Verizon's Visual Voicemail?


    I don't want to blame "YouMail", but ever since I downloaded it, to try, a few days ago, my Visual VM simply will not work. I had to call Verizon to hav them "fix" my regular VM as even though I deleted YM, my calls kept getting routed to another service. Now that that is done, when I try to run Visual VM, here's what I get:

    1. Login screen
    2. Your mailbox is not set up for Visual VM...would you like to start the provisioning process?

    3. I clock yes and it takes me to a VZW webpage that says my profile is still being updated and I shoul wait 5 minutes before launching Visual VM - been doing this for 6 days -

    Any ideas?

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    I've never used Youmail, but I remember reading somewhere that you have to "unsubscribe" from it before it completely deactivates on your phone...hopefully someone that has used it can chime in here.

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