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how can i get aim to work on my storm ruining on att network... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    AIM+At&t and storm


    how can i get aim to work on my storm ruining on att network
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    You most likely need the ATT service books if you don't already have them. That should get you what you need. PM me your email addy and I will send them to you. You will need to go into your OS folder C:\program files\common files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\whatever your model and OS is.

    Then open the Java folder and find the net_rim_bb_browser_deamon file. Create a new folder in the Java folder called "replace" or whatever you want to name it. Cut and paste the file noted above into the new folder. Open BDM and sync your device using Application will see the browser daemon being deleted. If you get a prompt to update the device click cancel and then you will see the daemon file being deleted.

    Return to main menu on BDM, go to Restore Advanced. Click file open on top left of screen then navigate to the ATT service books you downloaded and double click on these. That will load them into the window on the left. Highlight the file and click the arrow button pointing to the already loaded apps on your device. This will load the service books to your device.

    Go back to your loader file folder, cut and paste the browser daemon file back into your java folder and delete the folder you created.

    Go back to BDM and select Add/Remove Apps and then Finish. You will see the daemon file being replaced.

    You then need to resend your email service books from ATT via BIS server. You will also need to make sure your TCP configs are set up for ATT network....APN is wap.cingular, User name is WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM and password is CINGULAR1

    And just to make do have your Storm unlocked?


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