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    Address Book?!


    Storm 9530

    Every morning, or when ever I look at my contact list, my phone numbers are switching names without my knowing. I will see 1 day, have 5 repeats of the same name with different people (Adam Smith, Adam Smith Adam Smith etc) but all the Adam Smiths are actually different people with different numbers and names! Came out of the blue, downloaded 419 when it first came out, and had no problems, but within the past week, its been gettting reaaaalllly bad and annoying. What should i do?

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    not to sound patronizing, but how often do you reboot your device. many times when a device is working well and then starts to malfunction, a simple battery pull does the trick
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    Yeah, I've never seen that one either...It's either an OS issue or your device...

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    are you using google sync? that sometimes duplicates the entries
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