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I am looking for a long cable to run from the rear of my computer ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    About Cables for PC/BB connections


    I am looking for a long cable to run from the rear of my computer to my BB charging-sync cradle. There is the OEM cable which allows for charging as well as data transfer (sync-ing). This is the OEM BlackBerry USB Charging and Data Sync Cable (micro USB) ASY-18071-001 model: BlackBerry ASY-18071-001

    Then there is a 6' Belkin item [Belkin USB Data Cable (micro USB) F8Z273-06Brand/model: Belkin F8Z273-06] which is the right length but the description says nothing about also charging.

    Is there a difference?

    Can a cable hooked up to my PC's USB port and to the Storm perform only data transfer and not charge at the same time?

    I'd appreciate any assistance/advice so I can order the correct item.

    Thanks in advance

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    It is possible and probable that cables ca/will do only one or the other.
    I always use OEM cables if at all possible.
    If an OEM cable goes bad and fries something, the usually will replaced the fried item.
    Non-OEM will only replace the cable.
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    I bought a cable from a 3rd party site previously for my Pearl and now for my Storm and have not experienced any trouble. I charge up my phone, install apps, OS upgrades, etc and the cable is actually plugged into my monitor then to the PC. I also charge my bluetooth headset with the cable vacated by the Pearl, so if it could be fried, I would have done it by now. You should be safe.

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    I've had no problems (so far) with Radio Shack USB to micro USB, and even a Verizon USB to micro USB designed for a Motorola Music Kit. They have worked for data and charging, but I never noticed if it was at the same time.

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