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Strange thing. I am with Cellular One.. Cellular One got taken over by AT&T. Here ... BlackBerry Storm forum

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    Strange thing.

    I am with Cellular One..

    Cellular One got taken over by AT&T.

    Here is the thing I did not need to do that rim browser daemon thing. I just put in my new PIN # and sent the service books.

    The strange thing is I added the IMEI number but it said the IMEI is not valid for this service. But that was on Cellular One Blackberry BIS Page.

    AT&T Bis page is different. They must be keeping the the different networks as I am roaming on AT&T that's it.

    Reason why I am not officially switching was I am grandfathered in with a $50.00 unlimited voice plan. As long as my phone is in New York i get unlimted minutes. Also back then the BB Plan was $30.00 unlimited and that let you get on BIS and BES. If I officially switch it goes to $55 for voice and like $45 for data.

    Anyone else had a problem with the system not taking the IMEI number. All my stuff is working. I have not tried MMS and SMS though.

    I have the Verizon 9530 Phone - Unlocked

    Any info will be appreciated.

    Also my i use wapcellular1, and no authentification/password

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    Thats a new one to me, will try to get some ATT reps your way bro!

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    Question I talked to AT&T On Chat

    Chat InformationThank you for your patience! An AT&T sales representative will be with you shortly.

    Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Tristan, an AT&T sales representative.

    Sean: Does the 30.00 blackberry personal plan include BES for corporate email

    Tristan: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. I am reading your question and will be right with you.

    Tristan: Great! I'd be happy to help you with that.

    Tristan: Yes, you would be able to use the email service.

    Sean: that BIS, but the corporate email for my work running e BES server

    Tristan: This plan for corporate email would be $40 a month.

    Sean: ok, those grandfathered into Cellular one now AT&T will you move us over to the official AT&T network?

    Tristan: Yes, that would be correct.

    Sean: When will be officially moved over, as I would like to keep my existing plan

    Tristan: Once you place and Order online and get a plan you would be officially switched over.

    Tristan: I haven't heard from you for a while. Would you like to continue chatting?

    Sean: yes

    Sean: if i switch it will cost more money, cant i keep my exact plan

    Tristan: You would also be able to keep your plan as well.

    Sean: i have a great plan on cellular one, if I switch over it cost me 15.00 dollars more

    Tristan: As a Cellular One/Dobson customer, you may have questions about the merger with AT&T. By going to the page I have just pushed to you, you will notice that we’ve listed answers to frequently asked questions. If you still don't see the answer to your question, just dial 1-800-934-3996 for assistance


    Sean: Are you sure.. My plan is 50.00 unlimited for voice as long as my phone is in new york, and $30.00 data BIS and BES Corporate Email..

    Sean: Unlimted data with that BIS/BES

    Tristan: Yes, you would be able to keep you plan/

    Sean: Hmm everyone else said that I could not..I have talked to Sale reps in malls etc.. They said i would have to pay more.. $55.00 and 45.00 for data

    Sean: because the 50.00 unlimited plan was not offered.

    Tristan: When your Celluar One contract is up, you will upgrade and have to go to a AT&T plan.

    Sean: How do i know if my contract is up or not.. will i get a letter with my bill

    Tristan: To see when your contract end you would need to call our Customer Care.

    Sean: ok thanks for the info

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