So here's what happened...
Today I was testing a theme I was making on my device and I changed the date/time manually to make sure the focus appeared alright. Once I was done, I set the date/time back to what it actually was. I thought it was all alright, but after a few hours of hearing nothing from the people in my BBM theme testers group I realized I was getting snippets of their messages in my Messages Folder, which were dated for this coming up Friday, but nothing was showing in the group itself.

I verified that I had changed the date/time everywhere I could think of, performed a battery pull, etc. Still it didn't fix it. So I named someone else in my group as admin, then I left, and had them invite me back thinking that would fix it. This worked, but only halfa$$ed.

Now the date/time displays correct on my home screen, in the messages folder, and in the group chat, group pictures, etc. BUT the snippets that appear in my Messages Folder from group chat integration is still showing as this coming up Friday. This appears to be the only thing that did not get fixed for some reason.

I've tried everything I can think of, can't seem to get it fixed, and it's happening to everyone else in the group too. So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this as we've tried EVERYTHING? :-(