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I recently upgraded from a Pearl to a Bold. All of my music is on ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Windows Media Sync


    I recently upgraded from a Pearl to a Bold. All of my music is on my computer and stored in Windows Media Player. On my Pearl, I had a MicroSD card which was automatically recognized by WMP and I was able to sync my library to it. When I put the same card in the Bold, the card is not recognized in WMP and therefore I cannot sync. When the card is in the Bold (Mass Storage is on), I am able to access the files through windows explorer, despite the fact that WMP doesn't recognize it. If I take the card out and, using the SD adapter, plug it into my computer directly, WMP recogizes the card and I can sync. This was not an issue with my pearl. Does anyone know if there are any solutions to this problem? I am using a recent OS (.190).


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    I think you have your music files set in the wrong format? Your explanation is a little hard to follow but I think what your doing and confusing is that Windows Media Player is the default player and most likely the music files are the wrong format to be played in any app other than Windows Media Player.

    Try this: Go to the folder on your PC where the music files are at. Make sure they are in mp3 format. Copy them to the MicroSD card. Insert the MicroSD card into the Bold and they should play just fine. Do get to concerned with what program plays them ie:Windows Media Player but rather look at the music files format. Make sure the format is one the Bold can play.

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