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No it will never drop. Of course it will, it's when... Last year ATT had ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    No it will never drop.

    Of course it will, it's when...

    Last year ATT had 50% off all phones on Black Friday, excluding the iPhone. The BB's went from 199.99 after rebate to 99.99 after rebate.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened again this year.

    Contains A LOT of pictures and if you have any questions, let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    Something important to keep I'm mind is that the United States has more large nationwide carriers to choose from than they do in Canada. And that's not necessarily a good thing. The launch of the Bold in the US was very poor as compared to the well presented launch by Rogers in Canada. Then we cannot overlook the terrific job that Rogers & Rim did in working together so that the Bold would perform up to its capabilities. I am very impressed at the professional way the Canadian launch was done. Then after the fact, the Rogers Bold performs well, does not exhibit the software based problems of either the AT&T bold, or that of the Orange Bold first sold in the UK. Especially when Orange is noted for superb product launches, no matter what brand of phone they are offering. Then it gets worse because all the BlackBerry supporters automatically blamed it on Orange, when indeed it was not their fault. It turned out that "someone" (guess mfg) gave them some incorrect data as to what the network requirements were. So they were unknowingly caught out.
    This once again proves that one cannot trust the rumors.

    ~via BB (
    Indeed i was kind of involved in the launch PR side and i can assure you that every new blackberry launch will be a success on Rogers as RIM and Rogers just put a team together that takes care of RIM product launches (nothing secret about this).

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