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My wife bought a Blackberry second hand from a friend and it is driving me ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Will NEVER buy another Blackberry


    My wife bought a Blackberry second hand from a friend and it is driving me nuts.

    Why on earth don't blackberry give you an option to just wipe the phone and re-install the base apps.

    Web forums seem to suggest that you either need to get the phone connected to the old enterprise network or to a new one. I have hunted around and I can only assumed it must have an IT Policy on it but it does not say that, I see no enterprise servers configured and no messages that say your admin has disabled this.

    The phone was on Orange, we had it unlocked but it will not make calls on Virgin, it gives the error "authorisation failure" if you try to make a call.

    It would not find any wireless networks, so I went to the Options menu and I did a "security wipe" it still could not find my wireless network but after the wipe I WAS able to manually configure my wireless.

    When I connnect to the Internet via Brower it loads the Virgin Mobile home page (can't seem to change this). It is only connecting via my wireless but insists on going to the Virgin home page. How the hell do you choose a URL, I don't like being force fed anything, I don't want to access vis Virgin Yahoo search, I just want a Google page but you can't set a home page unlike every other browser on the planet (Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome).

    5 minutes after I did the security wipe a message arrived from ORANGE saying welcome. What on earth is that about, it has a Virgin Mobile SIM in it. How do I remove Orange completely?

    When I select SMS and MMS it does not behave as one might expect, I can select a person to send to and write one line at a time but how on earth do you select SEND? I tried to send a test message, with no obvious send key I pressed the backup key, no message saying sending but later the test message appears in my inbox (not the person I sent it to) I clicked on the message and it says retries exceeded.

    I have tried all logically named options, it times out if you try to select a prefered Network, I tried to make it the Network Diagnostic Application, just get a white screen.

    Still can't call or use SMS.

    I should be able to just wipe this phone and restore to factory settings, no Orange rubbish, no security policy, just a phone that WORKS!

    Every other phone I know is at least able to send and received SMS and make calls.

    This phone has been unlocked but on a Blackberry do you need to eradicate the Orange config?

    I did buy an Orange SIM, it booted and said Passed Security Check, it browses via my wireless which I manually configured. I went to services status and it says "emergency only" as one might expect if it was locked to another network, but this was an Orange Sim! Another waste of money.

    Despite having Orange Livery under service status is says that the Mobile Network Provider is "Vodaphone UK", so how does that happen? An Orange phone is unlocked but becomes locked to Vodaphone UK? The mobile networks has a red SOS by it.

    So really does this mean that Blackberry has no place as a consumer phone?

    No wonder the MD of Nokia said that there are just three players in the smartphone market (Apple, Google Android and Microsoft Mobile 7).

    I will NEVER buy a Blackberry.

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    When it comes to the message issues, sounds like you just got a bad device. You have to select the BB Menu key and select SEND.

    When you unlock a BB, it will still show the boot up screen of the original carrier. I did this with a unlocked Pearl that was originally on T-Mobile when a family member needed a phone on AT&T. The phone cannot be relocked once you unlock it.

    To set a home page, it should be under the Options menu in the browser once you hit the Menu key.

    I had the Authorization Failure message appear too. I had to replace the SIM card.

    When wiping and reinstalling the OS, the base apps should automatically be reinstalled.

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    Thanks for the reply Erica, the SIM that has an Auth failure works in two other phones. The Blackberry does not allow the Orange SIM to make calls either.

    After the security wipe the apps are present but lots of bits left over from previous installs, Blackberry seem to have awful support, I have been searching around to try and find a solution and it seems many people have similar problems but no straightforward solution. I am a tech of some years standing and this is the worse platform I have seen in a long time. Anybody want to buy a Blackberry!

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    get rid of that thing man and jump on the yuppy bandwagon by getting a droid or iPhone. blackberries are as played out as those silly rzors
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    It may be prudent to download the operator's manual and spend an hour going over it. Erica said it need to use the BB key to find your options.....depress it then hit the letter s and you will go to the next available option starting with s which may be the send key. And.....SIM cards are fact they are free.....just get a new one and see if that doesn't clear up some of your ailments. Good luck with your issues......
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    I downloaded a couple of programmes (crackutil and JL_Cmder) and used these to remove any remnants of previous IT policies etc and did a "return to factory" reset.
    Then downloaded latest OS for my model and, usinf Desktop MAnager loaded it on......

    The wiping and scrubbing bits take a while to run (30 - 45 minutes) but once completed the phone was a real blank canvas.....

    RIM software isn't particularly intuitive but like any gadget it soon becomes familiar. Also this, and other forums provide info on almost any situation...

    Give the above a go before tossing the phone out

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    download bbsak and whatever OS you want. delete any former os from your computer and install the new one. run bbsak and attach your berry. select wipe and bring your berry to a clean slate. once wiped, select Load OS and follow the steps. Once loaded, resend your service books to the device and start rolling... one last thing...your company techs will likely walk u through the process if you call them.... good luck.

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    David it can be done several ways and SGZ, Best and Erica have all told you how so I wont waste space for that. I can say after working with it many years there are way too many things that can be done with a BB for you to have these feelings. You may have a bad device, or bad SIM, either is possible, but i have had some BB that i have wiped dozens of times and started with new OS and a blank slate and things always worked out. Some wipes however are better than others. If you can stand the hassle go thru your carrier , usually 2 or 3 tiers of support and make them transfer you to RIM where you can hands down get all the support you need. I had them one time one the phone off and on for three days, they helped me do a complete wipe(no OS loaded) and went thru entire load with me on the phone(hours and hours of time) and after all was said and done found my bug in the backup file i had made(it was a bad service book-kept renewing the IT policy). they know their stuff and if they cant help u, no one can!

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