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    WiFi Iissue with AT&T and Sttarbucks WiFi Hotspots


    Very Interesting Situation of Which AT&T has been absolutely no help at all, including their WiFi support team, that is trying to emulate Apples Chat Support System, its absolutely horrible-

    I have a New Bold 9700, Carrier AT&T, OS, I have Unlimited Everything. The other day, I went into a Known Starbucks that is a Authorized AT&T WiFi site.

    First thing I noticed was there was a Red Star in the WiFi Icon upper right Screen under antenna, and a Red Star on the WiFi set-up Icon.

    I clicked on the Icon, got the AT&T Wifi Hot Spot Log In Button I clicked it, and it opened a AT&T WiFi window with 4 option Buttons in the Traditional AT&T Colors, top 2 buttons state Member ID, Credit Card #, ect. It like a vicious circle, keep going and you wind up in the same lousy Predicament- The AT&T Window with the 4 Tabs.

    I did a Manual Scan for networks, it found the Wifi Hot Spot Login, but again, back to the stupid AT&T Window, BTW the manual scan shows full signal strength, and - Connected.

    In the Top Mid portion of the Screen, it says at&t wifi, the red Icon remains both in the Wifi Icon upper right under antenna, and start up icon for WiFi.

    Starbucks was absolutely no help at all, the only thing they wanted to do is charge me for 2 hours of wifi and give me a user name. AT&T was Argumentative, an Advanced person stated "coldly" Wifi isn't for free on AT&T, "Nothing is for free-"
    Another person from AT&T stated I had to go to a special window (That doesn't exist) on AT&T.Com/Wifi and register my phone at which time the service would issue a password for me to use at all At&T Hot spots- No Such Beast, we spent hours looking for the window to register at.

    I decided to buy a Vanilla Latte, took a sip, it was lousy, got disgusted and turned the power off on my 9700. They made a new drink, I went back to the place I was sitting at and turned the Phone back on.

    Guess What-? No More red Stars, The WiFi was enabled, showing at the Top of the Screen, the wifi Icon was lite up and I went into the Wifi Folders of setup and it showed the AT&T HOt Spot Active and enabled.

    Any one got some bright ideas?
    All AT&T Customers on a Data Plan of $ 30.00 or more are entitled to FREE AT&T Hot Spot WiFi at Starbucks and other Authorized AT&T Hot Spots. AT&T claims I should be able to walk into a Starbucks and the system will recognize me as a AT&T Customer and allow me unlimited use of WiFi-

    Obviously its not working that way. BTW I have also done several Battery Pulls to no avail-

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    ask me
    When signing in set u browser id to internet explorer, or use the host spot browser and try that way, some wifi points needs a sign in using that browser, specially for laptops..

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