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Originally Posted by Rapazportugues Anyone have a link for ota pandora? ~via smartphone Go ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapazportugues View Post
    Anyone have a link for ota pandora?
    ~via smartphone
    Go to on your BB and it will show the OTA link. can get it from the BB App World.
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    I just DL Pandora. I'm with everyone else on this, I like pandora because I can choose who I want to listen to and who I don't. But I like slacker for the better sound. I like them both and will prolly keep them both.
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    Slacker lets you choose as well, click the heart if you like them and click the circle with the slash trough it if you never want to hear it again.

    I Use both depending on where I am, at work i use the slacker cache and at home on wifi I use pandora.

    I use nobex for the lyrics but it stinks you have to wait for a song to play.

    And had iheartradio for a while because it worked better than nobex on the curve and pearl, and had a few more stations than nobex.

    I noticed on my Memory card that there are 2 folders for slacker, one says something about delete on it, and one is 700mb and the delete one is like 400mb (are these the song I told it i never wanted to hear again. ? anyone know if i can delete it or if it does it on its own or is it just going to get bigger?
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