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Originally Posted by BHP77 Why wait for att on OS updates. I'm running and ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BHP77 View Post
    Why wait for att on OS updates. I'm running and its fine. This is just as good and in some cases better than any of the 4.6 ones. Although .247,.266 was great. I use it as my main device and it takes a beating. I mean this thing is ugly now but it functions perfect. Evrybody that seems down on the Bold seems to have OS issues(.167). For GOD sakes people grow a pair and update the OS with one of the betas. It doesn't have to be as soon as one is released as there are plenty of folks on here that do just that and report the findings. Take time to read and do some searching yourself you just might find out that it is an awesome device. Ok enough with my rant. Thanks for reading
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    Are you on AT&T if so how much tweaking to to get it to run on AT&T? or is it hit and miss since it's a beta? I like the Bold it's just the OS, currently running .282. 2G is ok, the 3G/2G option eats the battery, drops calls, and screen will stay white requiring me to do battery pull. I've lost track of times that it's been wiped and battery pulls. I think I'm just unlucky. My two cents.

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    Runs just fine on ATT and T-Mobile. No issues as of yet. I've been running it since the day it was released. No dropped calls, battery imo is better than anyone I've used. I can now make it a full day, I used to have to put it on charge around 2-3 o'clock for about 30 mins to make it through the day. So with this I'm very happy. You still will need to fix the browser on ATT. T-Mobile it works "straight out of the box". Every app that I have and others that I've tried just to see if there are any problems, I've found none. No restarts, mem leak is great on this build, I'm at 24mb on 3 days since last restart. Browser is fast, wifi is fine, not to much of a theme person but all that I have work. Media is awesome, love the "flick". The ability to flag emails is awesome. So much better than 4.6 where I would have to create an event for it, no more. This is a big plus for me. Strong signal, I'm on att 3G. Some things like the pm/am letters aren't quit finished all the way, I think the camera buttons still are being worked on, but you really have to look a hard to notice. All and all, best build for the Bold so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRaid View Post
    Hey gang, I dont have a I phone yet, however I gotted ripped off with the Bold, they told me it does Hebrew... not so
    Actually It does just follow this thread found with google:
    it starts out with the 7100 but the instructions are updated for the bold gives the simple and advanced method.
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