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today i called about 8 major at&t retailers in nyc. every single one of them.. ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    ask me

    unreal... redic... insain.. at&t


    today i called about 8 major at&t retailers in nyc. every single one of them.. i asked the same questions. "hi how are you do you know when you will be getting the blackberry bold in..
    answers ranged
    oh yes mid october where hearing...
    mid october???? are they serious.... not one of them said september.. or late september.. all said beginning of october one even said around holloween..

    does anyone work for at&t??? is this true? im truly at a loss of words.. sign up today!! come follow me at and win free blackberry of your choice and cash 1st 1,000 members. spread the word.

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    I just heard about another push back to mid oct.... I did not hear a reason though.
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    I still think that mid september is going to be it. They did announce a contest for us reps to win a Bold. The fine print said that the device would ship out no later then oct 31 pending release. It kind of freaked us all out.

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    ~via BB ( post here said it was because of a 3G issue with us carriers. I'd link the post but I'm on my phone.

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    Yeah our Retail Data Manager said either next month or 2

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    86 the Bold...release the Thunder instead

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    ~via BB (
    Just enjoy your current BB till Bold is released
    Meanwhile, we'll be getting some threads from the new Bold owners on the Rogers network, and glean some good info

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    Just called a local AT&T store, they don't have a clue when it will be here. The guy said the last he had heard was the first of the summer, where the heck has he been!

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    I happened to be in a major AT&T on the UES yesterday and asked the same question - guy emphatically said late Sept. When I asked how much it would be (I expected him to not have a clue) but he said $350 with a contract (seems pretty steep but I will still get it).

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