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I have just ordered a new Bold 9000 and currently have a 8100 Pearl can ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Transfering Data Etc


    I have just ordered a new Bold 9000 and currently have a 8100 Pearl can I use the Device Switch Wizard to transfer data from the Pearl to the Bold, I know some of the applications I have on the Pear will not be compatible with the Bold. In particular my Password Keeper. Any advise would be apprecaites


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    Yes you should be able to transfer your emails and other messages. Some apps may not transfer as you're going from a SureType BB with a big (or small) screen to a full keyboard BB with a bigger screen.

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    There are some reported issues with the switch device wizard when moving up to a 4.6 or 4.7 device. Try it, but don't panic if it crashes. In that case use the advanced restore feature to get your critical info back (contacts, calendar, bbm contacts, messages, etc).
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    I suggest you use the Switch Device Wizard. After everything is transfered. I would wipe out the Bold and then do a selective backup to restore your data. The only reason to use the Switch Device Wizard is to transfer your PIN Contacts. I personally had no problems when I moved from the Curve to the Bold. But I heard horror stories and I ended up wiping my Bold to play it safe. I don't want to worry about the unit crashing because the Today Plus Theme from my Curve messed up my Bold.

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    I moved from an 8130 to my Bold, but I did uninstall most third party apps prior just because of the OS version difference, but my PIM data and messages transferred rather well. Some of my appointments shifted for some reason, though.

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