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Iphone3G-laggy to me, can only run one app at a time. Can't speak on a ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Iphone3G-laggy to me, can only run one app at a time.
    Can't speak on a droid although the google os seems to be where its at. Just need a keyboard and the droids that I've played with are laggy also.
    BB- all my BBs work well, yes I've loaded beta OSs many times and yes some were down right junk. Nothing comes close to a bb for what I need. If a droid device would come out with a physical keyboard and one that isn't a pain to type on I will consider it. The 9700 out of box is great. OS works very well and I can type very easily on it. I handle a huge amount of emails and texts per day so this is very important to me. Also its very user friendly when it comes to business. Does everything and more. Each device is geared to a certain consumer. If you find yourself bitching about a lot of things you simply chose the wrong one for your needs. I couldn't be happier with BB.

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    I've had four(4) of them and have not had a single issue with any of them. My only concern is the limited app memory, but other than that all of mine have been terrific.
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    I've had my Bold since early April. Its been through many traumatic events. A friend of mine spilled water on it while driving down the road. Its been dropped on concrete to the point of the back and battery falling out more times than I can remember.

    The worst thing it been through was when I couldn't find it one night (mid June) and realized I'd had it outside the house an hour earlier at the grill when the thunderstorm hit. I went back out (filled with dread) hoping not to find it but there it sat face up in a puddle of water, screen flickering in a way that looked kinda cool with the lightening. It was 10 feet from the door and I was drenched in that short time retrieving it.
    I took it apart, poured the water out, propped it on its side and set my blow dryer about a foot from it for 3 hours turning it occasionally so the air could blow into every possible area. Being soaked and on for that long, my hope was small. It vanished completely when I realized the chip behind the battery was black all around it and one of the "gold filled" holes on the board was burned and empty. Still I put it back together with tears in my eyes (what's a little more water at this point) and I couldn't believe it. It worked.
    The only problem I've had is that sometimes the light for the video camera doesn't come on when set to always on. Closing it and reopening the camera solves the issue.

    Maybe I was lucky and got a "good" one or maybe my phone is possessed. I don't know. I hate it for anyone else who's had problems with theirs. Mine has been a real trooper given its owner is a klutz.

    I did call AT&T the day after. The said I could replace it with the insrance but $125. I'll just use a flashlight in video mode until something else screws up.
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    my bold has been perfect for close to 10-11 months (roughly). I just got the 9700 but not because the 9000 was a problem
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