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Can anyone who has experience with both units school me in on whether it is ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question Stick it out w/ ageing 9700 w/ browser/memory issues or sell it & buy 9780?


    Can anyone who has experience with both units school me in on whether it is worth getting a 9780 if I currently have a 9700? One of the main issues I am having is browser crashes & the browser closing pages up likely due to memory running out. Assuming the OS is the same on both units, does the 9780 hold up for longer than the 9700? Has anything else been improved besides the RAM & the camera, like other under-the-hood stuff?

    2007-09-08: 8100
    2007-10-01: 8320
    2008-04-25: 8310
    2008-05-02: 8320 (again!)
    2009-04-27: 8900
    2009-11-17: 9700
    2010-07-31: 7290 (retro!)
    2011-06-22: 9780

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    Well this reply is a little late but here it goes stick it out with the 9700 as the 9780 is nothing special can't do anything the 9700 cannot do has more memory but so what. I went into a 2 year contract with this piece of crap in december and allready it is obsolete with the new os 6.1 oops I mean seven that the 9780 won't get. So now I am stuck with this little piece of obsolete crap!!!!

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    I have a 9700, but I plan to keep it. My contract has expired, but I will wait until next year for QNX.

    If for some reason my 9700 dies, I'll get a used 9900 until the QNX devices are released.

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