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In the options, you have these options...what's the difference?? Which should be used?... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    SMS - packet or switched??


    In the options, you have these options...what's the difference?? Which should be used?

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    ask me
    just try to keep the default, about what is the difference sorry to say im not sure what really is
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    SMS in GSM was originally implemented by using left over space in the cellular control channel (the high reliability, low bandwidth channel). While cellular control channel SMS is still widely used, the limited bandwidth of the channel can be a problem under high tower/network load. SMS over GPRS sends SMS messages through the high volume channel (where voice and data also go).

    From the end-user standpoint, there's not much value in changing this setting day to day. If you're sending more than 4 to 6 SMS messages within a minute, they will be queued if sent over the control channel. You can send somewhere on the order of 25 to 30 messages per minute over the high volume channel. The only time where I expect setting this to switched (control channel mode) would be when there is extreme load on the tower (i.e. disaster situations), and neither voice nor data circuits can be allocated. In this case, the control channel is usually swamped with handset requests for these circuits (which are granted a set percentage of available control channel bandwidth), and you're more likely to achieve eventual SMS delivery if your handset doesn't need to request a high volume channel first.

    Unless you know you're in one of those situations, leave it as both GS/PS.
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    Very informative, Thyth. Thanks

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