I am having trouble getting this to work properly, i had it working fine and then it got messed up somehow.

I want to start over again from scratch, i have a new device that was just sent to me. I have a bberry 9700 that i use Google as my main calander. I want to use googles calendar and contact system on all my devices. (Mac, blackberry, etc.)

This is what i want it to do:

I want to add a calendar item to my blackberry and have it sent to my mac computer and the google contacts as well, i want to add a new contact and have the same happen. if i add a new contact on either google online contacts, or on the mac ical or address book, i want it to get to my blackberry.

Some of my settings on google, blackberry, and ical and addressbook may be compromised, so i need someone to hold my hand through this.

the last time my calendar on the blackberry was showing calendars for every email address i use on my device, this happened out of no where

Any help will be greatly appreciated...

Always include:

Device:blackberry 9700